Want to take your delivery service to the next level?

By using RDSCloud, you are making the most of what cloud computing has to offer:
Scalability, Reliability, Cost-Savings and Performance.

Setup is instant, and there is nothing to install, which saves you on IT costs.

Improved Business Insights

With our enhanced data analysis capabilities, now you can gain greater insights into your business activity.

Quickly find out what your order trends are, your geographical reach, website traffic and much more. With our visual reporting, it's all at your fingertips.

Dispatch Flexibility

Everyone has their own idea of what makes a perfect dispatch screen. With our customizable layouts, you are in control. Choose which order status and drivers your interested in seeing. The live traffic map (with order and driver positions) can be hidden and displayed with the click of a button, as well as the number of columns to fit your screen. And much more!

With your customized dispatch screen working alongside automated dispatching engine, your team's productivity has never been higher!

Powered by the Cloud

Leverage the power of the cloud. Nothing to install, so you save on IT costs. Setup is instant. Be ready to accept orders in minutes.

Real-Time Tracking

Give your customers and dispatchers the ability to track orders live and in real time, without the need for emails or texts.

Custom Zoning

Tired of dealing with zip-code based delivery zones? Draw your own zones with a simple click and drag interface.

Fully Configurable

Enable only the features that you find useful. And configure your account to best suite your business needs.

Multiple Interfaces

Whether it's your drivers, dispatchers, restaurants or customers. Access web and mobile interfaces for all your needs.

Automated Dispatching

Use it as a "suggestion" engine or crank up the settings to fully automate the process and tweak the automation logic to your needs

All Features

Leverage the Power of the Cloud

By using RDSCloud, you are making the most of what cloud computing has to offer. You will have nothing to install, and setup is instant, which saves you on IT costs.

  • Ready to accept orders in minutes.
  • Scales to your needs. Manage just one location, or many, from a central web console.
  • Deployed on Amazon Cloud Servers for incredible reliability and performance.

Custom Delivery Areas

Tired of dealing with zip-code based delivery zones? Draw your own zones with a simple click and drag interface.

  • Draw your own global or restaurant specific zones.
  • Set a delivery radius (in miles) and the system auto-generates the zone for you.
  • Customers are shown only restaurants matching their location
  • Decide how to route your orders and drivers with automated dispatching.

Flexible and Robust Logistics

Lets face it, your business depends on logistics. Flexibility, along with quick responses are key to your sucess. The problem is that you can only be as good as the tools used by your team.

  • Customizable automated dispatching engine helps efficiently manage orders
  • Centralized dispatcher dashboard to track and manage an order's lifecycle, in real-time.
  • Mobile web driver console to quickly update and manage assigned orders.
  • Accept both online and phone orders.
  • Schedule orders for the future, or require advanced notice for certain restaurants.
  • Manage expectations with adjustable target delivery times.

Restaurant Partner Management

With RDSCloud you can now work with any restaurant. Along with the standard restaurant and menu management features, you can now be your own portal and offer that restaurant that does their own deliveries.

  • Manage commission rates, markups, fees, advanced notices, online ordering, hours, etc
  • Simplified menu management with custom options, attributes, time of day availability, etc
  • Fax or Email your order to the restaurant (eatabit.io remote printer integration now available!)
  • Offer self-delivered and takeout restaurants - and be your own portal!

Online Ordering Engine

No modern business system is complete without a strong online presence. With the flexibility of RDSCloud, you will be sure to reach your customers however they surf the web.

  • Choose to use your domain, or one we provide
  • Choose from a fully functional website, or an embedable engine to use in your current design
  • Automatically detect mobile users and provide the proper interface - including GPS location search
  • Powerful search technology to help customers decide what they want to order
  • Offering takeout, group ordering and scheduled deliveries
  • Allow customers to track the status of their order in real-time

Customer Service and Retention

Great customer service is what separates great businesses from the rest. We give you the tools you need to keep your customers happy and coming back with rewards and promotions. Not to mention, the ability to quickly and easily deal with any issues when they arise.

  • Integrated email marketing allows you to create targetted campaigns seamlessly
  • Customer accounts with tangible rewards, saved favorites and repeat orders.
  • A built in customer review and rating system for social interaction
  • Promotions that can be targetted down to the restaurant and even the time of day
  • House accounts, for the repeat business customers
  • Customer management system to link customers to orders and save notes or offer refunds, coupons or credits.

Enterprise Reporting

Keep track on all aspects of your business with our interactive and customized charts and reports.

  • Custom report builder gives you the power to study your data however you see fit.
  • Keep track of orders coming from third-party portals and stay ahead of the game.
  • Order lookup and analysis allows you to see who's ordering and where, as well as how you're performing.
  • Detailed sales reports track all aspects of your deliveries.
  • Web reporting gives you insight into what's popular and how far your reach extends.

Fully Configurable

Enable only the features that you find useful. And configure your account to best suite your business needs.

  • Full web or embeded engine? Custom pages, content and widgets? Change the look and feel?
  • Will you be offering self-delivered restaurants, and be your own portal?
  • How will you structure your customer rewards? If any.
  • Can customers order from 1 or multiple restaurants? Takeout?
  • Will you offer house items?
  • Oh, and don't forget about those custom delivery zones!

Integrated Security

With any business software, security is a must. We take measures to ensure that your data is kept safe and secure.

  • Isolated data storage keeps your data separate from other accounts.
  • Role based security decides who can see what and what they can do with it.
  • Data encryption through Secure Socket Layer communications.